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Seven Croatian Travel Tips

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  May 16, 2017

On your Croatian yacht getaway one thing is certain: you’re in for such a treat! Here are just a few of our top tips that we hope will help you to get the most out of your Croatian adventure.

The perfect Croatian island yacht getaways - Local food to try

Enjoy Local Cuisine

The seafood in Croatia is out of this world but do try to sample a little bit of everything, as their local produce is fresh and bursting with flavour.

Don’t Refer to Croatia as Yugoslavia

Croatia has experienced a complex history, but since securing freedom from external governance and invading forces, Croatians have developed a deserved sense of pride in their country that should be respected. Locals are a friendly bunch and may even be willing to talk about their personal experiences, providing you with a deeper understanding of local history.


Popular areas, such as the City Walls of Dubrovnik, tend to be bustling with crowds for much of the day. Try to visit these locations early and spend your afternoons exploring some of the quieter areas.

Sample the Local Wine

Hugely underrated globally, Croatian wine is delicious and you certainly won’t regret ordering a glass with your meal or even spending an afternoon enjoying a Croatian wine tasting experience.

See the Islands on Your Yacht Getaway

Island hopping independently isn’t as easy as it should be, which is why we have curated our route to show you the very best of this magnificent destination.

Don’t Forget These Must-Have Items

We highly recommend packing mosquito repellent as well as some comfortable shoes, as Croatian beaches tend to be rocky rather than sandy. Many smaller shops and eateries may not accept credit cards, so always try to have some cash on you to avoid missing out on a delicious ice cream or beautiful souvenir.

Embrace the Local Lifestyle

As Croatia gets very warm, rising early for a morning adventure and settling down for an afternoon siesta won’t be a waste of precious time. Early evening is prime swimming time – enjoy your evenings before dining late and heading to bed ready for another day.

Croatian island sailing holidays - Experience life on the ocean wave

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