Seven Reasons Why Antiparos Is A Dream Destination

By Jenny Wilson published on 23 May 2017

Some say Antiparos doesn’t contain the intrinsic beauty of other Saronic islands, but we firmly disagree. In fact, we don’t think a sailing getaway to the Greek islands is complete without a trip to this beautiful, tranquil and unspoilt Greek wonder.

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The Nature

Follow thistle-lined winding pathways down to secluded beaches and coves, admire the island’s rugged coastline, marvel at the trees that grow sideways because of strong sea breezes, and walk up one of the island’s mountains to take in the breath-taking views from the top of the world.

The People

Greeks are notoriously friendly, but there’s something extra special about residents of Antiparos. Perhaps it’s their truly relaxed way of life, but they’ll always make time to point you in the right direction or discuss the history of their impressive home.

The Waters

Surrounded by some of the clearest waters anywhere in the world, it’s no surprise that Antiparos has been luring beach-lovers for centuries. Soak up the warm Greek sunshine whilst enjoying a soft sea breeze and the scents of wildflowers and salty air.

The Food

You may think you’ve tasted fresh seafood before, but there’s nothing quite like the flavours of fresh octopus that have been drying out on sunshine soaked edges of the harbour all afternoon.

The Architecture

Beautiful whitewashed buildings seem to shine in the sunlight as they contrast perfectly with rich blue skies, glistening turquoise waters and the bright purple and pink bougainvilleas they’re adorned with.

The History

From the Cave of Antiparos which was mentioned by Archilochus in his 6th century lyrical poems to the beautiful 14th century Genovese fortress, prepare to be swept away by the expansive history of this beautiful location.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds on Your Sailing Getaway

The atmosphere is bustling around the seafront, but once you start wandering down charming side streets you’ll begin to see that island life also has a quieter side, with locals enjoying a game of backgammon outside tucked away cafes, and vast open fields full of fresh blooms and fragrant fruit trees.

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