Short hop destinations with luxury yacht charter in Greece

By Jenny Wilson published on 10 July 2015

A sailing holiday round the islands is a great option if you book a luxury yacht charter in Greece. There are plenty of different ones to explore, each offering visitors a unique experience. If you are bookending your holiday in Athens, there are two within extremely easy reach that are definitely worth a look.

The island of Aegina is just a short sail away and Perdika is the place to go if you want to experience authentic Greek island life. Indeed much of the fresh water here is still delivered by barge. The main focus of this quant village is its fishing industry and there are plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy the freshest daily catches. Swim in the delightfully clear waters and visit the unusual 360-degree panoramic camera obscura which is situated on the peninsula opposite the harbour.

Greece sailing - Island hopping

Agistri is home to some of the very oldest homes in the area. Popular not just with tourists but day-trippers from Athens, this enchanting island is packed with fascinating historical sites and plentiful ruins to explore. The numerous beaches are perfect for relaxing on after a long day wandering the quaintly winding streets.

To enjoy all the advantages of a sailing holiday without travelling too far away from the mainland, Perdika and Agistri are the perfect short hop destinations.

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