Should you consider cruising the Greek islands?

By Jenny Wilson published on 20 November 2016

You might think a cruise is not the type of holiday you would choose; however, cruising has become more popular than ever thanks to the large variety available. No longer the preserve of the Caribbean, this type of sailing venture can be enjoyed in small groups in locations all over the world.

Visit Greece for a sailing trip - Learn the ropes

One of the reasons you might think cruising is not for you is that the boat will be very busy. Traditional cruise ships carry thousands of passengers and are more like floating hotels than boats; however, chartering a luxury yacht around the Greek islands could not be a more different experience. Sailing in small groups of people with the same interest in travel as yourself means you are bound to find something in common. You might even decide to charter a boat simply for yourself and your friends and family, guaranteeing you will all be on the same wavelength.

One of the most appealing things about cruising is that it offers the chance to visit a selection of destinations and see a wider array of places than a static holiday. With skippered luxury yacht cruises, you can enjoy this variety without having to wait long between ports; in addition, there is no need to conform to a standard cruise itinerary. If you would rather skip one or multiple locations to spend more time at those with more appeal, this is absolutely fine. You can also get much more hands-on and, under the guidance of an experienced skipper, really do some sailing.

Cruises also tend to draw visitors due to their food and entertainment packages; however, this can make for a very busy dining experience. When you charter your yacht, breakfast and lunch can be catered for you, using great local ingredients and prepared freshly ready for you to enjoy. In the evenings, you can take advantage of each new location to discover what the local restaurant scene has to offer. You can head out for the bright lights of a bustling port, busy with bars and clubs; alternatively, you can try traditional cuisine in a small family-run taverna.

Next time you are considering a holiday, think about cruising the Greek islands. You will be pleasantly surprised just how much fun you will have.

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