Hidden Gems

Sightseeing While You Sail the Greek Islands

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 16, 2015

Greece is famous for its incredible historical attractions. Sightseers flock to the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the ruined temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses. However, as spectacular as those things are, Greece has a number of equally incredible sights on offer that have not been built by human hands.

The Coastline of Spetses
Almost all of Greece’s extensive coastline can take your breath away, but Spetses is home to some particularly scenic stretches. In particular, Spetses is the place to go if you want charming, secluded, quiet little bays with plenty of natural beauty. This is the perfect backdrop for relaxing by the sea, dipping into the glistening waters or simply admiring what the Greek landscape has to offer.

Bisti Nature Reserve
Just to the east of the historic mainland village of Ermioni, you will find the stunning nature reserve that is Bisti. This stretch of untouched nature is truly a feast for your eyes and is a wonderful place to spend some of your time while you sail the Greek islands. The views of the bay and harbour are particularly unmissable, and Bisti is also one of Greece’s prime spots for a swim.

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