Street treats while cruising the Greek islands

By Jenny Wilson published on 23 September 2015

The food of Greece is deservedly famous. Vine leaves, grilled meats, tasty salads and fresh bread are among the most renowned delicacies but there are plenty of other delights to sample too. The street food of Greece is delicious so when you are cruising the Greek islands, take some time to browse the stalls of the local towns to see what treats you can discover.

The Greeks are not renowned for their breakfasts, and most people tend to settle for a ring of bread, known as a koulouri. These are traditionally topped with sesame seeds but more exotic versions can be found containing olives, cheese, tomato and even chocolate and are enjoyed throughout the day. Orchid tea, also known as salep, is a popular drink available from street vendors. Versions of this sweet drink can be found in many different regions, including Iran and Turkey, and it is a heady mix of spices with a citrus finish.

Greek food tips - street food

The ubiquitous souvlaki, or kebab, may have something of a dismal reputation back home, but cooked fresh and served with plenty of accompaniments, it’s a delight. Toothsome fresh pita bread, tasty meat, piles of fresh salad and lashings of flavoursome tzatziki make it the perfect street food. Just don’t forget to ask for an extra napkin! Finish off with some sweet pasteli. This is a confection made from sugar or honey mixed with sesame seeds then pressed into a bar. It is sometimes topped with nuts and can be served chewy or in brittle shards.

When you’re sightseeing round Greece’s top tourist attractions, make sure to find time to taste some of these lesser-known delights from the friendly street food vendors.

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