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Tantalise your tastebuds with sailing holidays in Greece

By Jenny Wilson
on  April 26, 2015

Greece has some of the best-loved cuisine in the world. Not only is a diet of this type often cited as one which can be beneficial for the body, but is packed full of delicious flavours too. Sailing holidays in Greece provide the perfect opportunity to sample some of the islands’ most iconic dishes.
Sailing holidays in Greece - experience local cuisine
Olive oil is one of the country’s most famous exports, with olives grown in many regions. They are often marinated with herbs or garlic and served as a snack in almost every tavern. Dolmades, or stuffed vine leaves, are often served as a side dish, with the fillings varying from region to region. Grilled lamb, or souvlaki, is a firm favourite but many local dishes also use tender kid goat meat. Fish is a staple of the Greek diet, and sailing holidays in Greece are ideally suited to making the most of this. Virtually every island has a plethora of harbour-side restaurants where you can enjoy the freshest catch of the day. Calamari, grilled fish and tasty octopus stewed in wine are particular highlights.

You may be familiar with feta cheese, from the ubiquitous Greek salad if nothing else, but many islands have their own local cheeses to try too. Look out for those that are labelled PDO, or Protected Destination of Origin. These have been traditionally produced and offer a great variety of flavour, as well as supporting the local dairy industry. Tyropita is a type of cheese pie that makes a lovely snack and is widely available in bakeries. If you have a sweet tooth then make sure you sample some of the region’s delicious desserts, such as baklava made with pastry and nuts. Another popular yet simple dessert is refreshing Greek yogurt served with a swirl of fragrant honey.

Taking the time to try some of the local dishes on your holiday adds a whole extra dimension of pleasure to your time in Greece.

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