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The Best Greek Breakfast Foods To Start Your Day

By Jenny Wilson published on 15 September 2022

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with everything on offer on a traditional Greek breakfast menu, it may also very quickly become your favourite meal of the day. Choice and variety sets Greek cuisine apart and so whether you find yourself longing for something sweet or something savoury, you’ll find the perfect pre-adventure selection to start every day of your sailing getaway in the best possible way.

Chow down on Greek breakfast grub - Eat like a European

Warming Tiganites

These beautifully fluffy Greek pancakes are best served with lashings of warm honey and roughly chopped walnuts. Comforting and filling, this sweet breakfast choice will keep you full until lunch, or until you’re tempted by a refreshing gelato or the scent of freshly baked bread drifting out of a nearby bakery.

A Selection of Breads, Cheeses and Olives

Look out for Koulouri, which are beautifully round breads covered in sesame seeds, and delightfully crunchy Paximadia. Enjoy alone or with locally sourced olives, cheeses and cold cut meats. When on the island of Naxos, look out for their famous jambon, which is perfectly salted, as well as aged Graviera, which is a hard cheese with a beautifully full and creamy taste.

Enjoy Greek Yoghurt with Thyme Honey on Your Sailing Getaway

Well, no round up of Greek breakfast delights would be complete without mentioning one of the region’s most famous products. Beautifully fragrant thyme honey enhances the smooth and creamy taste of Greek yoghurt, without interfering with its thick, melt in the mouth texture or over sweetening its unique flavour. Perfect for mornings when you’re craving something light, plus it pairs perfectly with walnuts and freshly sliced apple for added crunch.

Freshly Baked Pastries

When visiting a traditional Greek bakery for breakfast, it’s likely you’ll quickly find yourself admiring their pastry selection. Alongside plenty of sweet choices, if something savoury is more your style, you must try the pitas. They’re available in a wide variety of fillings including spinach, cheese, and zucchini, and are so well-loved you’ll see them adorning every lunch and dinner menu too.

Clean eating in Greece - Tasty treats that will keep you going all day

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