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The best Greek islands for your luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean

By Jenny Wilson
on  April 27, 2016

One of the reasons Greece is such a popular holiday destination is that it offers such a broad range of experiences. Whether you like to lounge on the beach, indulge your passion for water sports or explore the vast array of historical and cultural treasures of the region, this great nation has every aspect of your holiday covered.

Visiting Greece - Sailing stylish yachts

The Greek coastline and islands are a veritable treasure trove of gorgeous beaches and you would be hard pressed to find any destination that does not offer great opportunities for soaking up some of the famous weather. Some real gems can be found on Mykonos, which is famed for its vibrant party scene and also has some spectacular sands. For a beach with a dramatic backdrop, head to the volcanic island of Santorini.

Greece is responsible for some of the most important cultural sites in the ancient and modern world. Athens, of course, has the incredible Acropolis, while many of the country’s islands have fascinating temples to visit. The tiny island of Delos was a religious sanctuary and is home to some stunning remains, including temple ruins and elaborate mosaics.

If you want make the most of Greece’s clear waters, the Little Cyclades are a cluster of beautiful tiny islands offering ample opportunities for snorkelling, swimming and paddle-boarding.

When you take a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean, you have a wealth of stunning Greek islands to choose from.

Sailing in Greece - Paddleboard fun

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