The Best Of Dickenson Bay

By Jenny Wilson published on 13 September 2018

Situated in St. John’s parish on the north-western coast of Antigua, Dickenson Bay is a prime example of what makes the Caribbean so special. Here are just a small handful of reasons why we think you will relish your time here during your Caribbean sailing getaway.

Sailing the Caribbean - Get away from it all with a wonderful sailing trip

Admire the Bay’s Beautiful Beach

As Antigua quite literally has a beach for every day of the year, you would be right to question what makes the sandy shoreline of Dickenson Bay so remarkable. Well, the reason it consistently comes out on top is that it has a little something for absolutely everyone. Whether you want to lounge in the warm sand and take in your surroundings, or get out on the water and have a go at some of the many adrenaline-pumping activities on offer, Dickenson Bay is the place to be.

Immerse yourself in Authentic Caribbean Hospitality on your Sailing Getaway

From perusing souvenir kiosks to frequenting local eateries and beach bars, you won’t have to look far for somewhere to enjoy an ocean-side cocktail or flavoursome bite to eat. The atmosphere around Dickenson Bay is always bustling and if you’re looking for local recommendations, there will always be someone friendly close by eager to share their favourite locations and must-do activities.

Take Every Opportunity To Try Something New

From snorkelling and jet skiing to horse riding and glass-bottomed boat excursions, in a place where there is always something happening it can be difficult to decide how to spend your time. We always suggest going wherever the mood takes you, especially if you’re keen to try something you’ve never done before.

Marvel at the Night Sky as The Sun Sets

While Dickenson Bay’s beach cannot be described as the most secluded stretch of coastline in the Caribbean, it is home to some of the most spectacular sunsets, with sweeping sky vistas that make constellation spotting a dream. Your time in Dickenson Bay will give you a little slice of island life and is a wonderful location in which to make memories that will truly last a lifetime.

Sailing the Caribbean - See the sun set over the blue seas

Explore the beauty of Dickenson Bay today on a Yacht Getaways Caribbean holiday!

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