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The Best Secluded Locations To Snorkel In On Your Greek Island Getaway

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  January 18, 2018

The waters around the Greek islands are so incredibly beautiful that you’ll definitely want to spend a good portion of your sailing getaway immersed in their crystal-clear, shimmering turquoise magnificence.

Swim and snorkel in Greece - Island delights and pure waters

Swim with the Diverse Marine Life Around Kea

Kea is home to several popular shipwrecks and a wide variety of marine life, which makes the island a popular scuba diving hotspot for both beginners and experienced divers alike. If a diving excursion isn’t quite what you had in mind, however, the island is also surrounded by a selection of beautiful shallow bays, which are delightfully warm, crystal clear, and ideal for a leisurely afternoon snorkel.

Explore Syros’ Secluded Bays on your Sailing Getaway

The coastline of Syros is honestly like something straight out of a dream. Achladi beach is both secluded and rocky enough to provide incredible snorkelling opportunities, but this is far from your only choice. The shallow waters of Agathopes and stunning islets of Strongylo and Schininssi should also tempt you to grab your snorkelling equipment and make your way out into the sea.

Admire the Pristine Stretches of Coastline of Naxos

Home to some of the region’s most beautiful beaches, you’ll easily be able to find your very own stretch of quiet, tranquil coastline on the picturesque island of Naxos. Abram Bay is particularly stunning, and even though the western side of the island is active with adrenaline-inducing watersports and wind-surfing, you won’t struggle to find an array of rocky areas that are ideal for catching some glimpses of life beneath the sea.

Experience the Ideal Snorkelling Conditions Around Ios

Ios is a dream destination for snorkelers. The majestic Manganari beach is widely recognised as one of the island’s very best snorkelling spots – but you’ll quickly discover that as there are numerous other secluded coves and quiet bays dotted along the coastline to explore alone.

Visit Greece - Sailing trips that will change your perspective

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