The Best Things About Sailing Holidays in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson published on 6 January 2015

There are many wonderful reasons to take a sailing holiday, and a number of equally wonderful reasons to choose Croatia as your destination. Among the many things that make sailing holidays in Croatia enjoyable and memorable are:

Varied Destinations
Croatia is a fantastic place to visit, and one of the great things about a sailing holiday is that you get to experience multiple places and aspects of your destination. Many people do not appreciate just how varied Croatia can be. It offers glorious cities steeped in history and quiet vineyards set amongst unspoilt mountain slopes. The country also has a great many islands, each offering its own unique character and charm.

A Unique Experience
Sailing is an experience like no other. You will tour the country in the luxurious comfort of your own yacht. You will learn how to sail, with the help of a qualified skipper to ensure you never even come close to getting out of your depth. You can spend your whole holiday surrounded by beautiful, glistening ocean waters and head onto land to enjoy the many attractions that Croatia has to offer.


Sailing holidays in Croatia give you plenty of freedom to adjust your holiday to your own tastes and desires. There are many different activities you may wish to take part in, from the relaxing to the adventurous, and you will have the freedom to pick and choose those that interest you. There are also various route options, with the opportunity to plot a tailored route for you and your friends or family, put together specifically to focus on the places that interest you most.

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