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The delights of traditional dancing with Turkey sailing

By Jenny Wilson
on  November 27, 2016

There can be few traditions more exotic than belly dancing. This ancient type of dance is performed in many Middle Eastern regions and is often enjoyed in Turkey. When you take a Turkey sailing break, try to catch some of this fascinating after-dinner entertainment.

Turkish dancing - After dinner entertainment

Belly dancing is performed by people of all ages at family celebrations such as weddings or birthdays; however, you are most likely to encounter it in a restaurant after your evening meal. The dancers will usually move around the audience, interacting with those watching as they perform. You might even be invited to join in, but there is no pressure to do so if you are feeling shy.

The tradition of coins and belly dancing began when women who did not have enough money for a dowry would dance in the market place. If they received any money, they would sew it into their clothes to keep it safe, hence the tradition of belly dancing costumes being decorated with tiny coins. These days, however, belly dancers are more likely to be tipped with notes, which a great way to show your appreciation for their performance.

If you would like to tip a belly dancer, you can place money in the side of their belt or in their tips basket. You may also see notes being thrown at the dancer in a money shower. The dancer would not pick these up whilst performing; however, they will be collected after the dance and put into the tips basket.

Many belly dancers also play the zills, or finger cymbals, as they dance to enhance the performance. Hopefully you will be able to see some of this great entertainment during your Turkish sailing holiday.

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