The Mediterranean’s Most Romantic Spots

By Ryan Brown published on 14 February 2019

Simply mentioning a holiday in the Mediterranean conjures up imagery of the most romantic kind. With villas clinging to cliff-sides, sundrenched beaches beckoning you to relaxation, dramatic coastlines as far as the eye can see, and tantalizing cultural flavours in every bite, to name a few — it’s no wonder couples of all kinds look to the Med for the ultimate getaway.

We can’t agree more, and sailing around the Mediterranean makes it all the more romantic! We’ve put together the ultimate couple’s guide to the Mediterranean’s most romantic spots to see on a Yacht Getaways sailing holiday that will help you find that perfect escape for two.


Of course, we have to start with a destination that is considered one of the most romantic in the world — Greece has everything you would desire in a couples destination. Given that Yacht Getaways explores Greece on three different routes, here are our favourites.


Many poets and writers have fallen in love with the fairy-tale island of Hydra located in the Saronic, and surely you and your loved one will as well. Entering this enchanting town by sea will simply take your breath away with its white-washed villas appearing as if they rise from the sea itself. There is nothing more impressive than dining cliffside at one of the many phenomenal restaurants overlooking the sea and witnessing one of the best sunsets in the world with your significant other.


This Greek island in the Cyclades is mostly undiscovered by the tourist crowds, which makes for the perfect getaway off the beaten path and couples looking for a more authentic experience. Given that the god of wine, Dionysus, was the protector of the island in ancient Greece, this means that wine lovers will find no shortage of spots to indulge in a white or red (or few) together amongst the old Venetian mansions and fortifications looking out at ancient Greek ruins seaside.


Considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece, there is no shortage of reasons why Parga tends to be a favourite among couples around the world. Colorful villas line the idyllic marina beneath the shadow of the hilltop castle and is surrounded by secluded bays.

Grab your partner’s hand and wander the winding flower-draped laneways to the fortress hidden within the pines for stunning panoramic views. This is about the time you should spread out that picnic and pop open the wine that you surely packed (eh em, hint hint).

2. Croatia

With hundreds of incredible islands around its untamed coastline and historic Venetian towns that feel more fantasy than reality, Croatia is winning the hearts of everyone who visits and is a top pick in our romantic sailing destinations.


There is an undoubtedly fantastical quality to the pearl of the Adriatic which is why it’s considered the most romantic destination in Croatia, and one of in the world. Just the simple fact that you can drink and dine just outside of the fortifications atop a cliff is enough reason to visit. Down winding alleyways, you and your loved one can get lost in the laneways to discover hidden restaurants and cocktail bars where live performers will serenade you as you dine. Don’t forget to take the tram high above Dubrovnik for the unbelievable sunset that will earn you extra points with your partner.


An island of endless vineyards and vast valleys, Vis will win with the winos, outdoors lovers, and everyone else in between. Explore the sprawling valleys by bike or scooter and stop off at the seemingly never-ending amount of wineries tucked around the hillsides. Vis is also home to Stiniva bay, a remote beach cove enclosed by a collapsed rock arch and once voted Europe’s best beach. Grab some local wines and cheeses and hit this secluded bay as it is only accessible after a small hike, but it is worth the effort and bound to impress your partner to make for one of the most romantic holiday finds!

3. Italy

Of course, Italy graces our list, world famous for its delicious food and amazing wine, but we believe the spellbinding Sicilian coast and its collection of unique, ravishing, and magical islands is the place to explore for couples seeking adventure and romance all rolled into one.


It’s okay to get a little dirty while on holiday, and Vulcano is the best destination to do just that with its mineral-rich mud baths to soak in and volcanic landscapes. The island’s landscape and shimmering black sand beaches create an otherworldly feel and make for an unforgettable destination to explore together.

Isola Filicudi

Lined with white-sand beaches and one of the most secluded and remote islands in the Aeolian Sea, Isola Filicudi beats out all of our other romantic Mediterranean picks when it comes to how perfect of an escape it is for couples. Hidden coves wait to be discovered together along this lush landscape surrounded by two dramatic extinct volcanoes, and at times it will feel like you are the only ones on the whole island. For those looking to drop that question as well, this is the destination to choose.

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