The Most Romantic Locations In The Greek Islands

By Jenny Wilson published on 22 June 2017

As you’ve undoubtedly seen so many photographs of the gorgeous Greek islands before, you may feel as though you’ve already stepped foot on one of the white sandy beaches, stood and admired the beautiful white architecture, or paddled in the turquoise waters. If those photographs are tempting you to book your next sailing getaway, all we can say is do it, because the islands are honestly even more spectacular in real life.

Visit Greece on a sailing trip - Island holidays on a yacht


If your idea of holiday bliss is taking in views of beautifully whitewashed architecture offset by rich blue skies and sparkling turquoise waters, you’re going to fall in love with Paros. Explore quaint streets leading to monasteries, chapels and windmills before heading to the sea front to enjoy some fresh seafood and a glass of local wine (especially if you’re in the fishing village of Naousa!) with your loved one.


If you asked us to describe Antiparos in one word, we’d have to choose tranquil. But even tranquil doesn’t accurately capture the pure peacefulness and unique natural beauty this slice of paradise possesses. Admire the island’s famous floral blooms before settling down by the seafront to watch a spectacular Greek sunset.

Marvel at the Beauty of Mykonos on your Sailing Getaway

You may associate Mykonos with beach parties and lively bars, but the quieter side of life in this beautiful destination is just about as romantic as it’s possible to be. A stroll through Little Venice to the west of Mykonos Town will be a treat for your eyes, with sweeping views of the ocean and charming architecture. With plenty of restaurants around, a romantic meal after taking in the sights is the perfect way to end a beautiful day.

The Little Cyclades

The Little Cyclades offer everything that would be wonderful about being stranded on a desert island, without the worry of actually being stranded forever. Lounge on a picture-perfect beach, splash around in the crystal-clear sea, and enjoy some of the most delicious traditional Greek dishes you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. Pure bliss!

Experience blue seas in Greece - Sailing and beach stop-offs
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