The Secrets Of A Greek Mediterranean Diet

By Jenny Wilson published on 1 May 2017

We can almost guarantee that you’ll feel absolutely amazing after sampling some of Greece’s delicious dishes on your sailing getaway, and here’s why!

Eating out in Greece - Healthy options for everyone

Three Words: Simple, Honest, Fresh

Freshly picked oranges and figs, beautiful Greek olives, locally sourced honey, just-from-the-ocean seafood that’s been grilled with sea salt and olive oil, fragrant herbs, the ripest vine tomatoes and the most divine olive oil you’ll ever taste in your life. Greek food is wholesome and fresh, with recipes that have been honed and crafted before being passed down generation after generation, which really make the most out of the delicious flavours of each individual ingredient. Greeks are proud of their food, and you’ll quickly learn why.

Anti-Inflammatory Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Do you often reach for a drizzle of beautiful olive oil to liven up your salad? Greeks use one of their finest ingredients in everything from cakes and bread dough to freshly grilled fish, salads and on breakfasts. As well as enhancing the flavours of just about every dish imaginable, the anti-inflammatory properties of extra virgin olive oil can reduce the risk of heart disease, so don’t be afraid to drizzle away happily!

You Simply Must Sample Some Seafood on Your Sailing Getaway

Oily fish is a staple of Greek cuisine, but with everything from fresh squid to oysters and tasty prawns to enjoy, you’ll be spoilt for choice and amazed at the freshness at every restaurant and eatery you visit.

Fruit, Nuts and a Dairy Delight

Opening a freshly picked orange or fig in Greece is one of life’s purest joys and we recommend doing it as often as possible. Nuts contain a number of good fats, Greek yogurt is full of calcium, protein and probiotics, and crumbly Feta cheese is both full of flavour and lower in fat than other options.

Fill Up on Fresh Veggies

Greeks love their bread, cheese and pasta, but they balance everything out with plenty of fresh vegetables including vitamin-rich spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and crunchy dressing-covered salads. Their fresh flavours are truly out of this world!

Sailing holidays in Greece - Eat local foods and feel healthier
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