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Three things to enjoy on Scedro on your Croatia sailing holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  April 24, 2016

While not one of the busiest tourist hotspots, the island of Scedro is a firm favourite with sailors due to its convenient location and deep bays perfect for mooring. Located just south of Hvar, Scedro is a great place to explore on your Croatia sailing holidays.

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Visit the monastery

The ancient ruins of a long-abandoned monastery are a real highlight of this island. The last monks left in the 19th century, allegedly sailing across to Hvar on the monastery’s wooden doors. While many of the buildings have collapsed, those that remain have a haunting charm with much to admire.

Take a hike

The island’s terrain is rugged but beautiful, and hiking is a great option here if you want to see Croatia at its most natural and unspoilt. Take a walk up some of the plentiful slopes to enjoy great views across the sea.

Go fishing

The Scedro waters are home to many fish, with fishing one of the island’s most popular activities alongside swimming and snorkelling. If you would rather simply reap the rewards of somebody else’s labour, there are several small but excellent restaurants that serve the very freshest seafood, simply and deliciously prepared.

Step back in time on Scedro to see one of Dalmatia’s secret island paradises.
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