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Time To Press Pause: Why Sailing Is The Best Way To Travel

By Alicia Sharp
on  January 25, 2019

As the summer grows near, you’ll be searching far and wide for ideas for your next great holiday getaway. With a plethora of options, from cruises to package holidays, ferry hopping to road trips — the choice can be hard. But we have just the right holiday idea for you, and we are going to reveal why sailing is the best way to travel in 2019.

Sailing with Yacht Getaways is an experience like no other, taking the best of all of the options above and combining it into the perfectly balanced holiday filled with ample opportunities to relax, explore, have an adventure, and a bit of nightlife. Let’s dive in and see what makes sailing the ideal choice for you!

It’s Unique

What makes a sailing holiday stand apart from the rest is just how unique and intimate the experience is. When you compare sailing to cruises, a sailing trip is much more catered to you, allowing you to take the helm and choose where to stop and what to explore.

Set the pace, whether one day you’d like to relax and swim the entire afternoon, or hit a town and have a lively evening out. The choice is all yours, and that’s what makes it great.

Another unique and intimate aspect of sailing is the fact that you can go where others cannot, from those hard to reach secluded bays, to remote islands with no ferry service, and even the quaint traditional fishing villages you’d miss out on a cruise. The discovery aspect is the best part, and there’s nothing holding you back from it here!

Visit the Caribbean for a chilled out couple's holiday - Romance is in the air all the time

It’s Relaxing 

There’s nothing quite like basking in the sun on the bow of the boat, breeze in your hair while the yacht cuts through the stunning blue waters with filled sails. The essence of a sailing holiday is ultimate relaxation, where you can let any stress drift away with the wind and enjoy that slow paced life at sea.

Sailing is about the simple pleasures in life — the enjoyment of the company around you, the no-worries-no-rush mentality, and to laugh and smile as much as possible. Along the way, you’re bound to have countless moments where a deep sigh and a smile explains just how relaxed life is at that moment.

It is a holiday that you come out of not feeling like you need another holiday because it was so hectic, with the hardest choices of the day being which breathtaking bay to stop for a swim, or should you snorkel or paddle board? And maybe red or white wine…

It’s Adventurous 

It’s not often that trips give the opportunity to truly learn something new, but our passion is sailing and the sea and we cannot wait to show you how to sail for yourself. Take the helm and get involved as much as you want; learn the ropes from your skipper and in no time you’ll be calling the shots!

Given that you can explore such remote destinations, sailing provides the ability to take advantage of island activities that you may not have the time to otherwise, or may not be able to reach. Be it a shipwreck begging to be snorkelled that is only accessible by boat, or a mysterious sea cave hidden along the coast filled with ancient mystery.

With a skipper who is in tune with the local cultures and surroundings, they’ll know the very best spots to take you to help you get as much adventure out o the try as you

Visit Croatia - Sailing holidays to beautiful islands

No Hassles

A Yacht Getaways holiday doesn’t anchor you down with the worry of surprise costs or end-of-the-holiday bills like cruises and other tours, which means less stress and more fun. Given your home is your yacht, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding hotels like most trips.

Along with that, you can bring your own snacks and drinks on board, which means you can stock up as much as you want for those random snack cravings or the often urge to pop a bottle of bubbly and celebrate!

Better yet, if you are looking for an even more catered and relaxing holiday, you can choose not to even have to worry about cooking. Yacht getaways explorer routes have a fully-trained host on board to cook up delicious homemade meals for breakfast and lunch and help with all of your holiday needs, making you feel like a person, not just a passenger, and to feel right at home at sea!

It’s time to press pause and hop aboard a sailing holiday you’ll never forget, so book your Yacht Getaways trip today!

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