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The Top Restaurants in Croatia and Greece

By Yacht Getaways Team published on 8 February 2024

Are you looking for the top restaurants in Croatia and Greece? Food is often one of the most important considerations when you book a summer holiday.

Lucky for you, Croatia and Greece both have some of the tastiest meals to enjoy! After all, what is a holiday without a little bit of culinary indulgence? Here are our top restaurants in Croatia and Greece to tease your tastebuds with what to expect on our routes. Let's dig in!

Hora Farm, Hvar Island

What do you get when you mix rich history, sublime natural surroundings, mouth-watering food, and fantastic wine? You get Hora Farm.

A designated UNESCO-protected site, Hora Farm is an organic vineyard surrounded by bright fields and high mountains overlooking Stari Grad. It has delicious local wines and farm-to-table meals honouring traditional foods and the land where it's grown.

You'll taste varietals specific to Hvar Island at the farm and learn about their uniqueness as you await their peka dish, a Croatian cultural meal. Peka is lamb, veal, or octopus slow-cooked with vegetables, then sealed in an iron skillet under hot coals for four hours. Dig into the succulent meal and sip amazing wines at sunset while learning about the history of Stari Grad Plains. By far one of our favourite culinary experiences.

Thomas’s Place, Kalami Greece

This traditional seafront taverna sits overlooking the beautiful bay of Kalami and is one of the most sought-after restaurants in the Ionian. Thomas's Place graces our list of top restaurants in Croatia and Greece for the unmatched Corfiot cuisine and lovely hospitality.

Have a drink while you look out over the bay sitting in the classic taverna or at a table on the beach. Start with Greek classics like fried feta, tzatziki, or fried calamari. After, move on to the mains, such as their famous moussaka or their freshly caught seafood like grilled octopus, king prawn saganaki, or mussels cooked in garlic and butter. Just beware, you may need to roll yourself home after.

Bebich Winery, Skradin Croatia

Bebich Winery is one of the most historically important places on our list of top restaurants in Croatia and Greece. Wine has been in the Bebich family for hundreds of years, dating back to the 15th century. While the famed winery location has changed due to various wars, the Bebich family has an endless dedication to winemaking. You feel that dedication as you taste some of the finest wines in Croatia, let alone Europe.

Bebich Winery sits in the lush area of Skradin, near Krka National Park. Explore the cellars, taste wines famous worldwide, and learn the extensive history of the Bebich family and winemaking.

Katogi Taverna, Ios Island Greece

With a motto of "food tastes better when you share it," this restaurant has as much flavour as it does character. You'll find Katogi Taverna in the labyrinth of alleys that make up the main town of Ios. You'll first catch the scent of the delightful dishes before spotting the glow of funky lights, colourful decor, and lively tunes.

Katogi is a famous hole-in-the-wall restaurant that takes classic Greek and Corfiot dishes and spins them into incredible modern concepts. All the dishes are popping with colour and flavour. Grab one of their creative cocktails and get a taste of everything by sharing starters and mains. You won't want to miss the slow-cooked lamb kofta, unique pasta purses stuffed with cheese and pear, and rich truffle fries.

Pelegrini Konobo, Šibenik Croatia

Here is one of the finest food experiences for our choices of top restaurants in Croatia and Greece. This rustic restaurant in the historic town of Šibenik holds a gastronomic experience like no other in Croatia. Pelegrini Konobo is a Michelin Star restaurant that takes Croatian and Dalmatian cuisine to another level. Their dishes pair high-concept takes on the regional classics and the freshest ingredients.

Šibenik has a deeply rooted heritage in food and has evolved over the centuries through Roman, Venetian, Ottoman, and French influences. This rich history has shaped Pelegrini Konobo's food philosophy. Dining here is an adventure you'll remember for a long time. Hop off your luxury yacht charter and try dishes on a 4-course Dalmatian food experience exploring cold and hot recipes from seafood to meat.

Nios Nios Taverna, Greece Ionian Explorer

The big smiles and personalities of the staff at Nios Nios Taverna are the first great impression. The second is exploring the delectable homemade dishes steaming in the open kitchen. The restaurant offers tasty starters and mains, traditional Greek seafood or meat dishes, and plenty more.

As the host opens each lid, breathe in the incredible aromas. Try island classics like slow-cooked lamb kleftiko or simmering shrimp saganaki. Take a chance with unique Corfiot dishes like baked feta-stuffed lemons and fried hot peppers. One thing is certain, deciding between all the tantalising options will be difficult. Either way, your taste buds won't be disappointed with whatever you choose!

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