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Top tips for Croatian island cruising

By Jenny Wilson
on  July 15, 2015

Croatia makes a good destination for a sailing trip as the weather is generally good, the seas are not too rough and there is lots to see and do. These handy tips will help both novices and more experienced sailors make the most of Croatian island cruising.
Sailing Croatian islands - memorable cruising
Around half of the 50 marinas in Croatia are managed by the Adriatic Club International (ACI). Most of the marinas have great facilities, including restaurants, shops and currency exchange offices. There is also plentiful access to wi-fi so you can make your friends at home jealous with emails of your adventures!

The weather is generally good in this part of the region, with the islands of southern Dalmatia home to some of Croatia’s sunniest spots. Sailing conditions here are extremely favourable, with light winds but a temperate climate. The best times to holiday here are spring and autumn. Not only is the weather consistently pleasant but you can avoid the overcrowding that affects some tourist hotspots in the peak high summer season.

There are a number of different winds that may affect sailing conditions during Croatian island cruising. The bora is a cool, refreshing dominant winds that blows north-easterly but the more relevant dominant wind along the coast is the jugo, or sirocco. Gusting from the sea towards land, this humid breeze warms the southern coast. Keep an eye out for the maestral, which provides good breezy sailing conditions but can be a bit brisk along the Dalmatian coast. Your skipper will be familiar with all of these but learning to spot them yourself will add to your knowledge and experience.

Cruising the Dalmatian coast is a perfect way to see everything this country has to offer from a unique and exciting perspective.

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