Top Tips For Travelling In Greece

By Jenny Wilson published on 10 May 2017

With a rich ancient history, picture postcard landscapes and some of the clearest waters in the world, a sailing getaway to Greece is guaranteed to be unforgettable and here are a few of our top tips for making the most out of your trip!

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Eat in as Many Local Establishments as Possible

The Greek dining experience is casual and laid back. Paying attention to where the locals like to dine will lead to a memorable experience for all the right reasons, as everything on the menu is certain to be delicious and you’ll be supporting small businesses. We also recommend sampling a glass of local barrelled wine or a touch of their famous ouzo.

Make the Most Out of Your Island-Hopping Sailing Getaway

As ocean lovers, we’re sure you already know that the Greek Islands are stunningly beautiful. Do make a list featuring all the things you’d like to see and do, but if you stumble across a charming side street, exhilarating activity or unexpected ice cream parlour, don’t be afraid to expand your itinerary!

Carry Some Cash

Not all cafes and shops will accept credit cards, and who knows when you might discover a hidden treasure in a local flea market or a delicious looking street food stall that you won’t want to miss out on!

Meet the Locals

Famously friendly, the majority of Greeks will love to sit down for a chat and will happily help you with directions and recommendations. Although it’s not expected, you’re certain to get bonus points for knowing a little Greek, with locals elevating your position from tourist to ‘xenos’, which means ‘guest’.

Embrace the Lifestyle

The laidback atmosphere of Greece is endearing and enviable, but if you’re used to prompt service and perfect punctuality your patience skills may be put to the test. Some local establishments will close at noon for a siesta, so do factor this into your schedule if you want to pick up a souvenir of your travels. Just be prepared to take it easy, and anyway, you deserve some rest and relaxation!

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