Travel Turkey in style with luxury yacht rental

By Jenny Wilson published on 8 November 2016

When you think of Turkey, you probably picture an exotic land filled with richly ornate buildings, sumptuous feasts of delicious food, and plenty of gorgeous countryside to enjoy. Turkey has all these and much, much more. It is the perfect place to visit for an indulgent break and if you want to travel in style, luxury yacht rental is the way to do it.

Turkish sailing tours - Travel in style

Turkey’s architecture is simply stunning, from the towering minarets and charmingly curved domes of its mosques to the elaborately tiled surfaces that adorn the interior of even some its humblest markets. Remnants of the ancient Lycian civilisation that once resided here can be found all along the Turquoise Coast, with the tombs demonstrating the immense skill of the stoneworkers of the time.

Whilst you are exploring the region, stop off in the busy town of Fethiye for a hammam at the Old Turkish Bath. Not only is this one of the most relaxing experiences to indulge yourself in but also the building itself is a remarkable gem that has been serving the community since the 16th century.

Food is incredibly important to the Turks, being just as much about gathering with friends and family as fuelling the body. Turkey has everything from tiny family restaurants offering simple traditional favourites to high end establishments offering the very latest in contemporary Turkish cuisine. Make sure you indulge in a mezze feast, during which you can help yourself to a seemingly endless variety of exquisite dishes.

The harbour town of Kalkan is particularly notable for its excellent restaurant scene, so be sure to moor there for some truly sumptuous food that will certainly give your holiday that special touch.

Exploring Turkish towns - Find local restaurants
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