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Treating Yourself In Croatia: What To Buy

By Jenny Wilson
on  June 10, 2017

Whether you want to treat friends and family to something special or purchase something to remember your sailing getaway by, here are a few Croatian delights that make wonderful souvenirs.

Sailing getaways in Croatia - Visit markets to buy locally crafted items

Intricate, Hand Made Lace

Made in Hvar’s Benedictine monastery using techniques that have been passed down for generations, artisans make intricate lace from agave leaves. Not only will you be investing in a piece of handmade artisanship that combines history, tradition and intrinsic beauty, having it framed when you get home will ensure you have an irreplaceable piece of art for your home.

Locally Made Olive Oil and Wine

Croatians have been making olive oil for centuries, but it is only recently that it has been receiving the recognition it deserves. The island of Brač is home to the Olive Oil Museum where you can taste some of the best examples, but you’ll find bottles available to purchase throughout your Croatian adventure. The same can also be said for Croatian wine, which has recently experienced a huge surge in popularity. We recommend enjoying a wine tasting experience to help you choose the perfect bottle to take home with you.

Experience Croatian Coffee Culture on Your Sailing Getaway

Croatian’s take their coffee very seriously and if you’re a coffee lover, you certainly won’t regret taking some home with you to enjoy!

A Croatian Tie

The tie, specifically the cravat, was invented in Croatia, so what better place could there be to purchase a new addition to your wardrobe? You’ll find entire shops dedicated to ties, with knowledgeable associates who will be able to help you to choose a piece that will boost your sartorial credentials.

Fragrant Lavender

Hvar is famous for its lavender fields and this locally grown produce is used to create a whole host of different things. Handmade lavender soap is a popular choice, alongside drawer or wardrobe fresheners to keep your clothes smelling wonderful. If you’re feeling adventurous try some lavender liqueur, which makes an excellent after-dinner drink. Its aroma will instantly transport you back to this Croatian island paradise.

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