Try delicious drinks with boat charter in Greece

By Jenny Wilson published on 24 July 2016

You are certain to be offered all manner of tasty drinks whilst adventuring in Greece and you are sure to remember the distinctive flavours long after your trip. Whilst many of the islands you may visit with boat charter in Greece will have regional specialities, there are a few drinks that are favourites the country over and should not be missed.

Visit Greece - Try local drinks on sailing trips

Ouzo is, of course, the most famous of all the Greek drinks. It is made from alcohol distilled with aromatic herbs, which almost always include anise, and other flavourings such as cinnamon and cloves can also be added. It is best served chilled, with ice sometimes included. Adding water will turn the clear liquid a cloudy white and allows the aromatics to permeate the drink more fully, enhancing the scent.

Tsipouro is a similar drink found largely on the Greek mainland. It tastes a lot like ouzo but generally has a higher alcohol content.

Retsina is a type of strong wine popular throughout Greece. Its distinctive herbal flavour comes from the inclusion of pine resin, as amphorae of wine were originally sealed with pine resin to make them airtight. Although these old containers have now been replaced by modern glass bottling methods, the flavour is still popular and so resin is added. Resinated wine is produced in a number of countries all over the world; however, only wine produced in Greece can truly be called retsina.

Masticha is made in a similar way by collecting the resin from the tree native to Chios and dissolving it in alcohol. The resulting drink is often served after meals as a digestif. You may also find yourself trying Metaxa, which is a type of Greek brandy.

Whilst Greece offers visitors plenty in the way of wines and beers, don’t forget to try some of its native spirits for a true taste of the region.

Sample Greek delights - Drinks to whet the whistle
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