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Try the best seafood with boat charter in Greece

By Jenny Wilson
on  September 06, 2016

There is always plenty of good food on offer in this part of the world and you can enjoy a vast variety of island cuisine when you take a boat charter in Greece. The very freshest seafood will be available everywhere you go, with a few local dishes that really are worth trying.

Sailing in Greece - Sample seafood and good wine

Seabass can be a little pricey at home but is much more widely available here. It is usually served grilled or baked in paper, sometimes with herbs and garlic. Served alongside a classic Greek salad or some seasonal vegetables, this is a great way to enjoy this fish, allowing the natural flavours to shine. Salted cod is also a popular dish throughout Greece, harking back to the time when this process was essential for food preservation. Fritters made with the soaked flesh can be found in virtually every restaurant, often accompanied by a tomato sauce.

The Greeks have their own take on the best way to serve mussels, with a rich stew of tomato and tasty feta cheese setting them off to perfection. A similar sauce is sometime used to accompany griddled prawns. Calamari is found everywhere and will definitely tempt even those who think they may not be a fan when served fresh and hot. Octopus is another firm favourite, braised in tomato and red wine until meltingly tender and served with pasta.

Greek seafood is varied and delicious, so make the most of your holiday by trying some local dishes.

Boat charter in Greece - Eating at sea

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