Try These Water Sports On Your Trip To Greece

By Yacht Getaways Team published on 11 April 2017

Just one glance at the crystal clear Greek waters will tell you exactly why water sports are so popular, and here are just a few examples of adventurous activities you can try on your sailing getaway.

Sailing getaways in Greece - Explore the warm waters

An Underwater Scuba Diving Adventure

There are so many stunning scuba diving locations in Greece, including in Paros, Antiparos and Mykonos. Explore shipwrecks, underwater caverns and reefs, and see some of the most spectacular marine life and colourful seascapes through crystal clear waters. You certainly won’t forget this adventure in a hurry!

Don’t be Afraid to Wipe-Out Water Skiing or Wakeboarding

Easily two of the most enjoyable activities you can partake in, water skiing and wakeboarding are high-speed balancing acts. We recommend getting someone to film you trying your best to stay standing, but sometimes laughing whilst replaying any wipe-outs is one of the best parts!

Surf’s up on Your Sailing Getaway

Although many once thought the surf in Greece wasn’t up to scratch, surfers of all abilities can catch some waves on the coast of Naxos. Plus, getting to head into the sea from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world also definitely adds to the whole experience.

A Peaceful Paddleboarding Adventure

Whether you decide to join in with a paddleboarding tour or choose your own area to explore, you’re sure to see some unique and dramatic views of the beautiful coastlines of the Greek Islands.

Fast Paced Wind Surfing and Kite Surfing

Paros and Naxos are both ideal locations for wind and kite surfing, luring famous professionals and amateurs alike from all over the world. Whether you’re already quite knowledgeable or have never thought about giving wind or kite surfing a go until now, you’re almost guaranteed to have the most fun you’ve ever had!

Spectacular Sailing

We might be a bit biased, but we really don’t think it’s possible to beat ending each day soaking up the stunning Greek sunset from one of our yachts, gently bobbing up and down after an afternoon of sailing the mesmerising Mediterranean Sea.

Rest and relaxation in Greece - Sunny holidays for everyone
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