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Uncover ancient history with yacht charters in Greece

By Jenny Wilson
on  November 07, 2015

There are a wealth of archaeological wonders to explore in this part of the world and yacht charters in Greece are a fun way to take in the sights. The flexibility of being able to tailor your own route allows you to visit sites not included in every package tour; for example, you can moor at Korfos and head to historic Korinthos.


Located just a few miles north of the modern city of Corinth in the Peloponnese, the city of Korinthos was populated as far back as 6500BC. One of the most important cities in ancient Greece, it is home to a number of religious and military sites. Top of any must-see list is the Acrocorinth, a fortified acropolis that is one of the most impressive medieval castles in Greece. High on the top of the hill’s peak are the ruins of a temple dedicated to Aphrodite and a lush botanical garden that features many indigenous and unusual plants.

The Archaeological Museum houses a fascinating collection of finds, including a 3,000-year-old Mycenaean crater, a floor mosaic of the head of Dionysus, and an ancient amphora and stopper. Explore the ruins of the Pirini fountain, where several arches, a colonnade and underground reservoirs are still intact. The Temple of Apollo is another highlight, not only as a great example of Doric architecture but also for its fabulous views of the city.

To get an idea of the majesty and splendour of one of ancient Greece’s most important and influential cities, a trip to ancient Korinthos is simply unmissable.


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