Hidden Gems

Uncover enchanted national parks with Croatian island cruising

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 19, 2015

The landscape, natural beauty and stunning wildlife of Croatia are just some of the reasons why visitors flock to this region. There are many breathtaking national parks here and Croatian island cruising is the best way to see some of them.

The islands of Croatia - National park deilghts
Kornati National Park consists of a collection of 147 tiny islands situated near the larger island of Murter. The outstanding natural beauty of this area is characterised by the dramatic sloping hills which are home to a large variety of birds.

A little further to the north-west, Brijuni National Park is located in the Brijuni archipelago, just off the Istrian coast of Croatia. Many of the islands here do not permit visitors but Brijuni itself is a beautiful oasis. There is a small electric train which tours the island and an interesting museum but the main reason to visit is to while away a few hours among the beautiful trees and cool waters.

Mljet is one of the most spectacular islands in the Adriatic, just a short sail from Dubrovnik. In addition to a long and rich cultural heritage, the island is best known for its national park. Featuring two enchanting lakes, a wealth of emerald vegetation and a diverse selection of wildlife, Mljet is an absolute must-see on any Croatian island cruising tour.

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