Uncover the secrets of Ancient Corinth with luxury yacht charter in Greece

By Jenny Wilson published on 30 July 2016

Any luxury yacht charter in Greece is bound to take you on an adventure to discover some of this country’s fascinating past, and one place you should definitely include on your itinerary is Ancient Corinth. You may have only heard of it in relation to the letters of St Paul, but this is one of the most historically significant sites in the region.

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Inland from the port of Korfos, Corinth was at one time one of the country’s most important cities. Thanks to its location, it had a controlling interest in the trade routes and was consequently extremely wealthy. The city itself lay on a large plateau, with a hilltop acropolis overlooking the town and a port on the coast, all protected by an impressive fortress and a sturdy wall.

Aside from the fortress on Acrocorinth, the agora was one of the most important parts of the city. This is where all the day to day business and trade that made Corinth so strong took place. The temple of Apollo was also extremely impressive, and one of the first relics to be discovered here. Many other ancient sites were buried under newer buildings, until an earthquake in the mid-19th century revealed additional ruins underneath. Whilst Corinth was originally a Greek settlement, it was later populated by the Romans and their legacy can also be seen here. One feature that is particularly Roman is the Peirene Fountain. Originally built by the Greeks, the Romans added many flourishes that reflected their obsession with fountains and public bathing.

In addition to the impressive ruins, you can also see some of the famous Corinth pottery in the local museum, as well as a fascinating mixture of Greek and Roman artefacts.

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