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Unspoilt tranquillity with yacht rental in Skopea Limani

By Jenny Wilson
on  September 21, 2015

The Skopea Limani bays in Turkey are some of the most beautiful along the Dalaman coat. Lush greenery, clean beaches and seas perfect for bathing in are just a few of the reasons why this region is so popular. When you book a yacht rental in Turkey, make sure to include the beautiful Sarsala Cove on your itinerary to see one of Turkey’s most attractive spots.

Renting a yacht - visiting spots of natural beauty

Sarsala Cove is one of this region’s real gems and a popular stop-off for those on a yacht rental excursions. The long shingle beach is a lovely sunbathing spot, loved by tourists and locals alike. Stretch your legs by roaming among the lush pine scented forests that cover the surrounding hillsides and admire the stunning views across the bay. The clear waters are also perfect for a refreshing dip.

Sarsala is also home to a most peculiar building, one that exists solely due to one of the largest shipping and clerical errors imaginable. The Pasha of Dalaman, who had originally come to Turkey from Egypt, commissioned a hunting lodge for his farm in Sarsala. The French company tasked with the build were also constructing a railway station in Alexandria at the same time. However, due to an unfortunate mix-up, all the materials for the station were sent to Sarsala and those for the hunting lodge to Egypt. Incredibly, the station was actually built here, resulting in an archaeological oddity that still stands today. It serves as the head office of the farm, which is still functioning today.

Take a break to Sarsala Cove to experience some of Dalaman’s most beautiful landscapes.

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