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Visit delightful Dubrovnik when you hire a yacht in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  July 02, 2015

Sailing holidays are a fun getaway and if you hire a yacht in Croatia you can enjoy some of the many gems this country has to offer. Although the city of Dubrovnik isn’t included on every island-hopping tour, it is most definitely worth a visit. Many flights to Croatia depart from this city so it makes an ideal destination to bookend your trip with.
Sailing Croatia - Island hopping and city visits
Just like Split, further up the coast, Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Set at the foot of spectacular mountain, the magnificent outer walls of the city bear testament to its past as a vital trading post. Inside the walls, the interior is packed full of Baroque treasures where much of the town was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1667, and retains much of the charm of that age. Dubrovnik is smaller than you might think, with a population of just under 50,000, although it sprawls for several miles along the stunning Adriatic coast. A walk around the battlements of the ancient walls of the city is a definite must.

Most of Dubrovnik’s key attractions are located in the compact Old Town, which is home to just 500 permanent residents. There are plentiful churches to explore among the car-free town centre, with the Cathedral of the Assumption being a real highlight. In addition to the fine marble altars, the cathedral also has a wonderful polyptych by painter Titian. The Rector’s Palace has a beautifully ornate staircase and is also home to the Cultural History Museum, which give an insight into this country’s fascinating past. Also well worth a look is the Dominican Monastery and Museum, with spectacular artwork, striking stained glass and great deal of architectural splendour.

In addition to wandering the streets and soaking up the Baroque atmosphere, Dubrovnik offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy some breathtaking vistas. A short cable car trip will take you to the top of Mount Srd, where you can not only admire the many beautiful old buildings but also enjoy the view out to the nearby island of Lokrum.

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