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Visit historic Korcula with luxury yacht charters in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  May 18, 2015

Croatia’s rich history and beautiful scenery make it a lovely choice for luxury yacht charters, with few islands more appealing than Korcula. One of the largest islands in the Adriatic, Korcula is a wonderful blend of traditional Croatian island life, tranquil coves, pretty beaches and beautiful landscapes.
Sailing in Croatia - Yacht charter for luxury sightseeing
The sunny port of Vela Luka, on the western tip of the island, is popular with visitors keen to observe some of Croatia’s oldest traditions. Every week the traditional Moreska sword dance is performed in the town square while there is plenty of folk music and numerous religious festivals to celebrate here. This part of the island is also home to the spectacular cavern of Vela Spila, a huge domed cave on the clifftop, as well as a museum devoted to the region’s famous olive oil production.

Korcula Town can be found towards the east of the island and boasts some fabulous Gothic and Renaissance architecture. The towers and city wall ruins are testament to the town’s strength as a well-protected ancient citadel in bygone eras. Dominating the centre of the town is the spectacular St Mark’s Cathedral, packed with richly detailed paintings and ornate sculptural delights. There are also several beaches where numerous visitors gather to enjoy the stunning views this town offers.

A breathtaking mixture of culture and delightful natural beauty, it’s no surprise that Korcula is one of the most popular destinations for Croatian luxury yacht charters.

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