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Visit Poros with boat charter in Greece

By Jenny Wilson
on  January 27, 2016

There are some fabulous places to explore along the coast when you take a boat charter in Greece. Poros, an island separated from the mainland by a small channel, makes an ideal stop-off on an island-hopping cruise or family holiday.

Sailing in Greece - Island hopping

There are several lovely beaches in Poros, all of which are all extremely clean. Askeli is the busiest, not only as a result of its fine sands but also because most of the bars, hotels and restaurants are located here. There are plentiful sun loungers and umbrellas, and it is an extremely family-friendly beach. Neorio is quieter and has plenty of natural shade due to the pine trees that reach right down to the water’s edge. The romantically-named Love Bay has stunning turquoise waters perfect for a refreshing dip. There are also numerous secluded coves where you can find yourself a quiet, tucked-away spot.

Poros Town is the picturesque heart of this island and, with its quaint architecture, is a lovely place for a stroll. There are plentiful cafes along the cobbled streets, where you can simply soak up the charming atmosphere. If you want to explore some of the island’s cultural highlights, head to the Temple of Poseidon and the Zoodochos Pigi Monastery; alternatively, a walk to the iconic Clock Tower on the top of the hill will give great panoramic views of the island.

With its combination of gorgeous beaches and attractive sights, Poros is a popular Greek weekend destination and well worth a visit.

Greek island towns - Sunny exploration

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