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Visit the Small Cyclades when cruising the Greek islands

By Jenny Wilson
on  November 15, 2015

If you are looking to really get away from it all, Greece has plenty of hidden gems far removed your typical tourist destinations. Cruising the Greek Islands is a great way to explore such treasures, with the Small Cyclades definitely fitting the bill.

Greek island sailing trips - Blue waters and rocky coasts
This cluster of islands, just a short distance from the more popular destination of Naxos, is the perfect spot if you want to enjoy some of the most unspoilt areas of Greece. According to legend, Donousa is where Dionysus offered Ariadne a hiding place from Theseus. It is easy to see why the story has endured, as this tiny island is simply lovely with its glorious quiet beaches, stunningly clear water and a population of 110. Explore the many natural wonders here, such as Fokospilia ‒ the ‘Cave of the Seals’ ‒ and the stalactites at the Cave of the Wall.

Koufonisi is crammed with caves, rocky outcrops and inlets to explore and is home to some of the most laid-back beaches you could hope to find. The Northern Cape has some enchanting sea caves accessible only by boat, which are perfect for snorkelling, and Iraklia is the ideal island if you want true tranquillity. Iraklia is home to a population of just 170 and there are a number of interesting geological and archaeological sites here. Agios Ioannis Cave is richly adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, while just next door are two halls that are said to be the caves of Cyclops. The Castle of Livadi to the north-east not only has great views but also the remains of two different ancient temples. You can also climb to a church on the peak of Papas to enjoy the spectacular scenery of this wild island.

Rugged, unspoilt and utterly blissful, the Small Cyclades are the ultimate in relaxing destinations.
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