What can you expect from luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean?

By Jenny Wilson published on 24 March 2016

A sailing trip in the Mediterranean is certain to be one holiday you will never forget, offering you the opportunity to indulge in some fabulous leisure activities in spectacular surroundings. Greece is one of the most popular destinations for luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean and it is easy to see why. Here we outline what you can expect from your trip.

Sailing the Med - Uncover sun soaked relaxation

Great weather

Greece is famous for its spectacular weather, with both the mainland and the various islands offering virtually guaranteed sunshine throughout the summer months. Relax on one of the many beautiful beaches or enjoy a refreshing dip in the mild waters. There are plenty of activities for sports lovers, including scuba diving, paddle boarding and snorkelling. Just remember to pack a thin jumper in case of light evening breezes across the water.

Delicious cuisine

The kebab and the eponymous Greek salad are synonymous with this region, but there is so much more to Greek cuisine than these famous recipes. The very freshest seafood, perfectly grilled meats, delicate pastries and a huge range of toothsome vegetarian dishes are just some of the culinary delights you will find here.

Breathtaking attractions

There is so much to see in Greece that you will find it hard to fit everything into one holiday. Athens is the home of the legendary Acropolis and Parthenon, while the Cyclades and the Saronic Islands also have a wealth of ancient structures to explore. These include the famed Temple of Aphaia and the religious sanctuary at Delos, which offer a unique insight into the ancient civilisation of this area.

Best of all, a luxury yacht holiday gives you freedom. You can do as much or as little as you like, exploring the sites that are of most interest to you and enjoying being pampered aboard your craft. Add to this the famous Greek hospitality and relaxed pace of life and you are guaranteed a memorable break.

Greece sailing tips - What to expect on holiday
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