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What You Need To Know About Travelling The Italian Islands

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  June 25, 2017

When thinking of Italy, you would be forgiven for immediately allowing your mind to only think of the unique boot-shaped outline of the mainland. However, as there are more than 50 beautifully picturesque islands to explore, you’ll quickly see there’s much more to this beautiful part of the world.

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Each Island is Full of Spirit and Life

Each region of mainland Italy has its own traditions, dialects and favourite dishes that make up their unique spirit, and you’ll find this is intensified on the islands. Although they may be close in proximity to each other, each island has its own charming character and friendly locals that we’re convinced you’ll immediately fall in love with.

The Food is Out of This World

Naturally, fresh seafood dishes make up a large portion of restaurant menus, but you can also expect to enjoy the full flavours of ultra-fresh vegetables, just picked citrus fruits and locally made olive oil.

Explore Beautiful Villages and Rolling Hills on the Same Day

Begin your day with a cup of rich Italian coffee and a wander around some unique artisanal shops and tempting eateries in charming villages, before making your way a little further inland to relax among rolling hills with the stunning scent of wildflowers and lemon trees in the air.

You’ll See Some Spectacular Panoramic Views on your Sailing Getaway

With everything from wildflower meadows and ancient architecture to otherworldly sunsets and seascapes that will take your breath away, the views you can expect to enjoy on your Italian island sailing getaway will both inspire and delight.

And the Coastline is Equally as Stunning

Snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of secluded coves, joining the array of multi-coloured sea life that exists beneath the surface for a few hours, before lounging on beautiful white sandy beaches until the gently lapping waves lure you in once again. Kayaking around rugged island coastlines is one of our favourite activities and we’re pretty sure you’ll begin to get used to it very quickly too, on your unforgettable sailing getaway.

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