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Why Antipaxos Is A True Jewel In The Crown Of The Ionian Islands

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 20, 2018

Sometimes the very best things come in small packages and the beautiful Greek island of Antipaxos is no exception. We could sing the praises of this island paradise for an impressively long time, but here are just a few reasons why we think you’ll fall in love with Antipaxos during your yacht getaway.

Sailing the Greek islands - See natural beauty like never before

Immerse Yourself in the Island’s Unspoilt, Natural Beauty

Let yourself imagine stretches of white sandy coastline, sparkling turquoise waters, and rugged, untamed landscapes and you will begin to build up an accurate picture of what you can expect to see when you arrive on Antipaxos. Home to olive groves and vineyards, the verdant vistas surrounding you are perfectly picturesque and endlessly inspiring.

Experience a Taste of Pure Tranquillity

Have you ever wanted to step out of everyday life and escape somewhere truly tranquil, just for a little while? Antipaxos is the physical embodiment of the word serene. With no hustle and bustle of city life and not a single distraction in sight, many visitors have described Antipaxos as one of the only places they have ever experienced that has helped them to reconnect with themselves, hit the reset button, and provide the permission they needed to truly relax.

The Clear Waters are a Dream Come True

Whether you want to bathe in the shallows or partake in a snorkelling adventure, time spent in the warm, alluringly azure ocean is always time very well spent. You can choose to swim in the calm, open ocean, or search the rugged coastline for secluded coves, from which you can soak in the uninterrupted ocean views in front of you.

Marvel at the Night Sky During Your Yacht Getaway

On a clear night, the stars will never have appeared so numerous and the moon never quite so bright anywhere else in the world. There is something extra special about the night sky in Antipaxos and your own luxury yacht is easily one of the best places to admire the blanket of sparkling jewels softly twinkling up above.

Await gorgeous night skies in Greece - Prepare to be dazzled by stars

Want to see Antipaxos for yourself? Hop on board a Yacht Getaways Cyclades adventure today!

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