Why Croatia’s Šipan Island Is An Unforgettable Destination

By Jenny Wilson published on 8 January 2018

The largest of Croatia’s Elaphiti Islands, Šipan (pronounced shee-pan), is a charming island getaway certain to capture your heart just as soon as you arrive during your sailing getaway.

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Šipan’s Relaxing Ambience is Gorgeous

Providing visitors with a real taste of Croatian island life, don’t be too surprised if you find yourself never wanting to leave! Tranquil and calm, in Šipan gives you the wonderful feeling that you’re free to do absolutely everything at your own pace.

Explore Šipan’s Rich and Interesting History on Your Sailing Getaway

In the 15th century, Šipan was the most popular summer island retreat for the richest families in Dubrovnik. Many families built their own extravagant residences on the island, some of which remain standing to this day. We recommend looking out for the Rector’s Palace and Skočibuha Palace, which had a tower designed to protect its inhabitants against pirates.

There Is an Impressive Local Cat Population

Šipan is an active fishing village and you’ll often find the resident cats at Sudurad port early in the morning eagerly awaiting the catch of the day.

You’re Free to Wander Miles of Walking Paths and Cycle Tracks

Whether you want to explore some of Šipan’s rocky beaches and secluded coves, wander through some of the deliciously fragrant citrus groves or vineyards, or soak in the incredible views out over the ocean, there is a trail that will take you exactly where you want to go.

The Bars and Restaurants are Friendly and Welcoming

Sitting back to enjoy an evening meal and a refreshing drink overlooking the shimmering water as the sun sets over Šipan — doesn’t that sound dreamy? Menus are bursting with tantalizing Croatian specialties and paired perfectly with a bottle of local wine to accompany your meal.

The Waters are Stunning

Whether you want to swim, paddleboard, or kayak your way around some of Šipan’s incredible shoreline, you will enjoy every second of your time out on the sparkling turquoise waters surrounding this charming island retreat.

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