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Why Your Next Sailing Holiday Should Be To The Cyclades Islands

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  June 19, 2017

Destinations don’t get much more picture perfect than the Greek Cyclades. Brilliant white buildings contrast beautifully with the azure ocean and sweeping skies as they gradually change from soft blue to the burnt orange of sunset. If that wasn’t enough to ensure the Cyclades end up at the top of your yacht getaway wish list, here are a few more things to tempt you…

Sunset on Greek island sailing tours - See a new side of the Cyclades

Peaceful Days and Lively Evenings

If you arrive in the daytime, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Ios is a sleepy island ideal for rest and relaxation. You’d be right, of course, but that’s not all this island paradise has to offer. By evening everything comes alive, and with so many restaurants and bars to choose from it’ll be a struggle to decide where to spend those precious hours as the sun slowly sets.

Indulge in Pure Luxury

Mykonos has been luring travellers, celebrities and royalty for centuries, building up a gloriously decadent reputation in the process. Home to some of the world’s finest restaurants, luxury boutiques and beaches, a short trip to this beautiful destination in the Cyclades will always be worth your time.

A Treat for the Eyes

The lush, green landscape of Naxos is simply unforgettable. A treat for walkers and nature lovers alike, you’ll be blown away by the island’s incredible valleys and unspoilt beauty. You can even see an unfinished statue of Apollo, which has been lying in an ancient marble quarry since 600 BC. No one is quite sure why it was never completed, with theories ranging from it being too heavy to transport, to the sculptors not receiving payment for their work.

Enjoy Gentle Waters on Your Yacht Getaway

As the waters are so beautiful to look at and be surrounded by, it’s impossible for sailing enthusiasts to resist the charms of the Cyclades. Paros and Antiparos in particular are known for their windsurfing, but with snorkelling, paddle boarding and plenty of swimming opportunities to take advantage of, you certainly won’t forget this sailing getaway in a hurry!

Do more on your yacht getaway to Greece - Swim, paddle and sail

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