Take In The Wonders Of Delos With Greek Island Sailing Tours

By Yacht Getaways Team published on 19 February 2017

There are many fascinating sites to explore all over this region; however, if you want to see one of the most important locations in history with Greek island sailing tours, Delos is not to be missed. Located in the Cyclades, just a short sail from Mykonos, this island holds a very special place in heart of Greeks due to its unparalleled mythological and archaeological significance.

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Relics discovered here suggest people were present on the island as far back as 5,000 years ago. Greek mythology regards the island as one of the most important of all, as it is said to have been chosen as the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Delos became imbued with religious significance and was an important site for visiting pilgrims. In the 5th century BC, it is said that the Delphic Oracle demanded the island be treated as a sacred home for the gods and decreed that no mortal should ever be born or die there. This edict still broadly holds true – thanks to the island’s somewhat bloody history and lack of natural resources, a population could not be sustained there and it has long been uninhabited.

What makes Delos so special, aside from its links to Greek mythology, is the sheer volume of astounding archaeological treasures that can be found there. The UNESCO site has been undergoing careful excavation and preservation for well over 100 years and there is plenty to see, such as several market squares; a plethora of temples, including several – of course – dedicated to Apollo; and the pillars of the house of Dionysus. Meanwhile, the spectacular theatre, the majestic Terrace of the Lions and the Sacred Way are all simply breathtaking. There is so much to see that you will be reminded of the astonishing legacy this island protects everywhere you turn.

More than just an archaeological site, Delos truly is the heart of Greek history.

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