Yacht Getaway's Guide To The Top Greek Islands To Visit In 2019

By Jenny Wilson published on 8 January 2019

Greece has always been one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe filled with fascinating culture, ancient history, delicious foods, and the unmatched Greek hospitality.

With over 6,000 islands and islets to discover around the Aegean and Ionian, exploring Greece by sea will be the holiday of a lifetime, offering a vastly more unique experience than most.

Yacht Getaways sails around three different regions of the Greek Islands, each with distinct characteristics that offer something special for whatever you are looking for on a sailing holiday.

Here are our choices for top Greek islands to visit from our Yacht Getaways Explorer routes!




One of the most popular islands to visit by Greeks, Hydra is renowned for its quixotic setting, with white and blue villas clinging to the sides of dramatic hillsides that surround the town in a fantastical fashion.

With no motor vehicles, or even wheeled transport for that matter (not even bicycles), Hydra has been able to keep its charm and remain the perfect quiet and idyllic island escape.

Wander around the peaceful streets with no names to discover marvellous boutiques of handcrafted trinkets by silversmiths, hidden art galleries, and scrumptious Greek restaurants. This is by far one of Greece’s most relaxing destinations and has been beloved by artists and musicians for centuries.


‘Go where the locals go’ is always a good rule to follow when travelling, and Poros is another stunning island favourite among Greeks for a weekend getaway. Clinging to the jagged hills, sail into the splendour of Poros harbour as you pass delightfully colourful houses stacked upon each other with the tall clocktower and massive Greek flag waving majestically above the town.

Poros is the perfect island to spend exploring. Hop on a quad bike or scooter and follow the serpentine ring road through pine-tree covered landscapes, dramatic valleys, and picturesque secluded bays. Discover the ancient ruins of Poseidon’s temple, then cool off by hopping on the exhilarating water sports at Askeli Beach.

Here is where you’ll want to window shop the evening away, then find the perfect restaurant to quell your hunger after a day of adventure, as Poros has one of the best food scenes in the Saronic!




One of the most historically important islands of Greece, Corfu has a storied history. Dotted with pristine beaches and ancient ruins on every hilltop, sailing around Corfu will be a splendour for culture and history buffs alike.

On your Yacht Getaways holiday, you’ll spend a couple of nights in some of Corfu’s most incredible locations. Wander around Kassiopi and its hilltop Venetian fortress and relax on a white sand beach of the famous horseshoe bay, and meander around the winding streets of Gouvia with its old world charm, colonial history, and colourful houses.


This is the island for the adventurous at heart, with tons of beaches tucked away in hidden bays, sea caves dotting the coastline, a vibrant
landscape and stunning villages.

World famous for its olive oil, ancient olive groves line the entire island, which is perfect for spending the day cycling or scootering through the pristine hillsides.

In Lakka, you’ll experience the true Greek island life in this small fishing village where the catch of the day came right from the fisherman who live there, and its crystal clear and abundant waters make it perfect for snorkelling.

Gaios, another incredible stop on Paxos, is a pastel-coloured town that seems to be always sunny! A large and bustling destination without the tourist crowds, this is the perfect place to explore the craft shops, go for a hike outside of town through the hills, dine seaside at a tasty taverna, and have some cocktails at a lively bar to end the day.



Ancient Greek history and myth are in the blood of Naxos, and so is fine wine! Legend has it that Naxos was where Dionysus taught the people of the island how to make wine, which makes it our top pick for wine tasting in Greece.

This quaint town is dominated by elaborate Venetian mansions and the fortifications of the old castle which houses a fantastic archaeological museum.

Along the rugged coastline, there are plenty of sandy beaches to relax on, and you’ll struggle to not find mouth-watering Greek cuisine across the island.

Make sure to spend time getting lost in this fantastical place, as ruins thousands of years old pop up around every corner, and the colossal frame of Apollo’s temple still stands high.


Dare we say, we believe Ios is an island that beats out the overcrowded Santorini on many levels. With just as much charm, the famed hillside whitewashed houses and blue doors and sun-soaked beaches — yet it holds a much more authentic feeling.

Ios is made for walking, as the town ascends from the soft sand bays to the sprawling labyrinth-like town built on the cliffs. Wander the cobbled alleyways through a fascinating maze of tantalizing restaurants, lively rooftop cocktail bars and old Greek windmills. If you are looking for a great night out during your sailing holiday, iOS is famed for its unparalleled nightlife.

At the top of town, you can dine with breathtaking views of the island and bays below on some of the best seafood fare in Greece, or wake up early and hike to the viewpoint for a fiery golden sunset you will never forget.

Ready to experience some of Greece’s top islands for yourself? Check out these phenomenal routes on Yacht Getaways Greece and book today!

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