Yacht in Croatia and discover some fascinating traditions

By Jenny Wilson published on 30 September 2015

One of the most pleasurable aspects of travelling is to discover new places and learn about the individual customs of those regions. Croatia has a very diverse culture due to the amalgamation of several different counties and their respecting traditions, so when you yacht in Croatia, you are sure to discover some fascinating cultural ideas.

The mainland of Croatia has many traditions adopted from other countries. In rural Slavonia for example, special feasts may be accompanied by witty songs known as becarac, with music played on a stringed instrument similar to those of the Ottoman Empire. Istria has many Italian influences, and is sometime referred to as little Tuscany. Here there are many pasta dishes and many of the street signs are also written in Italian.

Sailing in Croatia - Discovering traditions

Along the Adriatic coast you will find many traditions with their roots in Spanish culture, such as the moreska sword dance. The Dalmatian coast is the region of Croatia that has probably been least influenced by other countries, and as such offers a more uniquely Croatian experience. One of the more unusual highlights to look out for is the alka, held in Sinj, a town near Split. Competitors in this event must aim lances through a hanging metal ring, while riding a horse.

The small islands have many small festivals and feast days connected with sailing and the fishing industry that provides much of the backbone of the local economy. Particularly special is the za krizen festival held every Maundy Thursday on the island of Hvar. Consisting of six simultaneous processions which must not meet at any time, this is one of the most important events in the religious calendar.

Travelling by yacht in Croatia provides an unrivalled opportunity to experience some of the county’s most important and memorable customs.

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