Yacht in Croatia and enjoy Hvar’s hidden delights

By Jenny Wilson published on 25 October 2016

The large island of Hvar, which is one of the most popular with holidaymakers who yacht in Croatia, offers so much to see and do. Hvar Town and Stari Grad are amongst the major attractions; however, if you want to discover some of this island’s lesser-known highlights, there are plenty to be found.

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This region is known for its outstanding wine and the village of Ivan Dolac is where some of the island’s finest vineyards can be found. There are also a couple of pretty beaches, which are clean and very pleasant. The south side of Hvar is home to the small village of Zarace, notable for its impressive rocky cliffs and stunning landscape. It also has two very deep coves perfect for scuba divers to explore.

The tiny island of Scedro, just off the coast of Hvar, is also well worth a visit. Much of it is protected as a nature reserve; therefore, there is plenty of unspoilt terrain to explore. The tiny village of Nastane has been long abandoned but the stone cottages that still remain are a quirky reminder of this island’s charm. There are also many secret coves to discover if you want to enjoy a quiet swim in the azure waters.

There are plenty of well-known tourist sights on Hvar; in addition, you will find much to enjoy if you seek out some of the less busy ones.

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