Yacht in Croatia and explore Nastane village

By Jenny Wilson published on 1 August 2016

The island of Scedro has much to enjoy, whether you are looking to moor in one of the many secluded bays or simply to wander among one of Croatia’s most beautiful landscapes. When you yacht in Croatia, there are also opportunities to see some of the region’s more unusual sites. One excursion that is sure to be memorable is a walk to the abandoned village of Nastane.

Sailing in Croatian yachts - Find undiscovered gems

The island has a long history as a religious sanctuary and hospice for injured sailors and is home to the remains of an old Dominican monastery. There was also a settlement situated among the hills, which can be found by taking a pleasant walk away from Scedro’s many pretty coves and up into the island’s interior. Whilst most of the houses have fallen into disrepair, there are two dwellings that have been carefully preserved.

Exploring the stone houses here gives visitors to Scedro an unparalleled chance to see a different side to Croatia and imagine what living on the island might have been like all those years ago. Take the time to walk among the dwellings and see into the window of Croatia’s past.

Ocean beauty in Croatia - Experience it together
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