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Why Yacht Charters are the best trips for foodies

By Ryan Brown published on 4 November 2021

One of the best ways to connect to the soul of a destination and experience a local culture is through the food. Yacht charters are one of the best trips for foodies as there are endless opportunities to taste the incredible flavours on land and crafted by the host onboard. It is simply one of the most unique food tours you can have while traveling. Here’s why crewed yacht charters are the best trips for foodies!

Amazing Local Aperitifs Onboard

Sitting back absorbing the breathtaking views and soaking up the sun is pretty great, but do you know what’s even better? Delicious snacks to indulge in while relaxing on the bow surrounded by all of that awe-inspiring scenery.

Your Yacht Getaways host taps into their creative culinary side to provide aperitifs for you using fresh local ingredients from their own recipes inspired by the Mediterranean. Yacht charters are the best trips for foodies as you get to try local delicacies like meats, cheese, and vibrant fruit and vegetable platters. All this while sailing the cerulean waters in an unparalleled foodie fantasy.

And what better way to compliment the vibe than prosecco or mimosas while sailing to the next breathtaking bay?

Local aperitifs at sunset on catamaran

Beautiful Bespoke Breakfast and Lunch

Fancy waking up to the smell of banana pancakes and freshly brewed coffee with the gentle rocking of a yacht? There are not many better ways to start a day. On a crewed yacht charter, relaxation is next level as you won’t have to worry about prepping meals or hunting down breakfast and lunch on busy streets. The hardest decision of the day will be to swim first or have breakfast first, and whether to put lemon or chocolate on those pancakes.

The custom menu is created by your host, with an extensive culinary and hospitality background. They dish out delightful and vibrant breakfasts and lunches so you can dive into all of the unique and traditional flavours of the region. Then simply dive into the sea to cool off. Dip into local olive oils with fresh bread from the market, devour mouthwatering pastas and salads, and sip cocktails for that oh-so-wonderful summer vibe.

Lunch on Yacht Getaways trip

Gorge on Local Gastronomy

Pack your appetites because you’ll need them for the plethora of phenomenal food fare you’ll discover on your sailing holiday. Yacht charters are the best trips for foodies as the Mediterranean is gastronomical heaven (and a healthy one at that). With some of the lushest and drool-worthy dishes, you won’t know what to pick from. But we think it’s completely fine to try them all. It’ll be hard not to!

Better yet, your skipper and host can make the most of your foodie excursions by recommending the best places to explore the local cuisine culture with their extensive knowledge of every destination.

Now it’s time to tantalise your tastebuds with some of our favourites…

Greek fried calamari

Our Top Mediterranean Food Faves

The Greek Mezze

A holiday in Greece is definitely one of the best trips for foodies. The mezze is a marvelous option for those wanting a bit of everything or looking to share a big meal. It’s usually stacked with grilled meats, fish, dips, and other dishes specific to the island or region.

Table full of Greek mezze food

The Croatian Peka

One of the most traditional Croatian dishes you will get to try is the Croatian peka. Peka, which means “under the bell” consists of melt-in-your-mouth portions of lamb, veal, and octopus (or a combination of each is our go-to). This is slow-cooked for hours with veggies and potatoes in a massive iron pan under hot coals. Truly a cuisine unlike anything you’ve ever tried and one that will leave foodies dreaming of it for days to come.

Croatian peka on restaurant table

Montenegrin Fresh Catch

Though the Mediterranean coastline has some of the best seafood dishes in the world, Montenegro has unique seafood that is an absolute must-try. The marinas will be teeming with the daily fresh catch, and restaurants will let you pick out your catch to prepare just for you. Sizzling grilled octopus, prosciutto-stuffed squid, and black ink risotto are our top foodies picks!

Secret Seaside Tavernas and Remote Restaurants

What really makes a crewed yacht charter the best trip for foodies? Many of the restaurants you dine at along the Mediterranean coast on your sailing holiday are secret spots the skipper has discovered or remote restaurants only accessible by boat. Either or, it’s a mind-blowing experience for you and your taste buds.

Outdoor restaurant in Greece

You’ll be anchored or moored up in a hidden turquoise bay with little family-run tavernas clung to a cliffside or built onto the beach. These tavernas serve up the freshest food and traditional cooked cuisine. And of course, the warmest hospitality you can imagine. As you eat one of the many unbelievable meals on that Yacht Getaways holiday, you’ll think to yourself how you and your stomach went for this long without having such an unforgettable foodie experience.

Taste the delicious cuisine that awaits you in the Mediterranean and get onboard one of the best trips for foodies! Book your Yacht Getaways sailing holiday today!

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