Hidden Gems

The ultimate relaxation stop during your Croatia sailing trip

By Jenny Wilson
on  September 05, 2014

Many people who choose a Croatian sailing holiday want to feel that they are getting away from it all and there is nowhere better to experience this than on the island of Mljet. It is known as Croatia’s greenest island and for a very good reason – the vast majority of it is forest. Around a third of the island has been designated as a national park, where two salt lakes add to the unrivalled beauty of the area.

Kayaking is allowed on the lakes and there can be no better way to experience the spectacular scenery and drink in the serene and calming atmosphere of this magical place. Your everyday life will never seem further away than when you are paddling around the Mljet lakes as part of your Croatia sailing trip.  Take a dip in the water to cool off – and you will find that the lakes are considerably warmer than the sea. This makes them a popular place for swimming during Croatia’s colder months.

The lakes are Veliko and Malo Jezero, or large and small lake, and the pair combined stretch for around four kilometres. In the middle of the larger of the two is an island known as islet Melita, or Sveta Marija, home to a former Benedictine monastery. This was first erected in the 12th century but has now been converted into a pleasant, if a little pricey, restaurant.

The lakes are surrounded by well-marked-out shady paths, making them perfect for cycling, or you can head onwards and upwards and hike to the 200m summit of the park’s hills for a view you will not need a camera to remember – it will be imprinted on your mind forever.

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